Carla Walker is a UK based mixed media artist, whose work currently takes on the form of abstract expressionism. Her work is focused on using textures and colours in correlation to her mood, emotion or memories. 

Walker gained her BA (Hons) Fine Art, from Arts University Bournemouth in 2018. During her time, she focused mainly on the female body and contemporary art forms. Now, having the freedom of creating her own art series, Walker has decided to use her own personal experiences as her inspiration. Her use of colours is a direct response to her emotional pathway. 

Crafted using a range of mediums, from oil pastels for finishing touches, to spray paint, applied through bold, free movements, each painting is created in a colourful, lively manner, yet holds a deeper meaning in every detail. 







2021             Anusa Creatives Group Exhibition, Penta Hotel, Reading 

2021             Artsy Mood Group Exhibition, Boomer Gallery, E1 Studios 

2020             Cultivate Online group exhibition, Cultivate Gallery London



2021             Giving Room Magazine Issue 1, Two Art Piece Feature for Ophelia & “3”

2021             Homes & Gardens Magazine, Art Edit, July and August feature ” Vita Nova” & “XO”

2021             Res Publica website, Multiple work feature 

2021             Horizon Magazine, Two page feature of works “thats cool what is it?” and “Obscured reasoning”

2021            Refresh Magazine feature of “for a reason series” and “Mini Affirmations”